Friday, August 14, 2015

Reorganize My Profile

As you may have guessed, I am testing a new PowerShell profile.  My old one had been around for a few years and was based in my knowledge and PowerShell's features at the time.  Here are the principles I am using for my new profile:
  • I'm organizing the functions I most often use into modules and leaving out special-purpose scripts. I'm putting all organization-related items in one module and trying to generalize all the other modules for sharing/publishing purposes. This includes using environment variables like $env:USERDNSDOMAIN
  • Instead of import statements or complicated ways to check for modules or elevated prompt, I am using Requires statements on each file (only one per file is allowed).  For more info, use  Get-Help about_requires
  • Since PowerShell 3, modules are loaded on-demand.  Any modules that show up in Get-Module -ListAvailable are included in this.  If a script or module requires a module that is available, then that module is imported automatically. 
  • To add a module to -ListAvailable, create a .PSM1 file and put it in Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\modname, and the folder and PSM1 file names have to match.  I'm moving my modules here in this format.
  • Instead of typing the long path to my WindowsPowerShell folder, I created a PSDrive (map) called my:
    $null = New-PSDrive -Name my -Root (Split-Path -Path $PROFILE -Parent) -PSProvider FileSystem

So how do you organize your scripts? Leave a comment below!

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