Thursday, October 15, 2015

Modify DNS Entry

I learned today that it is a multistep process to use PowerShell to change the IP address of an A record in DNS. I think PowerShell should work in a flow with cmdlets, but there are some things, like this scenario, that don't fit right.

Here's the example:
$old = Get-DnsServerResourceRecord -Name mdm -ComputerName DNS1 -ZoneName
$new = $old.clone() #so that there are two copies of the DNS record object
$new.RecordData.IPv4Address = [ipaddress] "" #stores as System.Net.IPAddress object
Set-DnsServerResourceRecord -OldInputObject $old -NewInputObject $new -ComputerName DNS1 -ZoneName #basically swapping old and new
#verify with:
Get-DnsServerResourceRecord -Name mdm -ComputerName DNS1 -ZoneName

Some PowerShell is straightforward, and some takes a few steps to get a result.  Maybe you can write your own function that performs the same action (update IP address) in one line!  Try it!

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